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I am a professor of ecology and work at a large,  public  research university in the Midwest.  In the last 35 years, I have taught  numerous undergraduate and graduate ecology courses and have run a major ecological research program with field studies in India, Canada, Alaska, and Florida.  For ten years, I was also the director of  a university field station.   Currently, I am the president of our Faculty Senate and serve on the university’s budget advisory committee.

This is my professional diary in blog form.  One of my reasons for writing this blog is to share my thoughts about administrative and faculty reactions to the important issues facing the university.  When I became president of the senate, I could find no blogs by other senate presidents to read for advice or consolation.   For what it is worth,  this blog attempts to fill what appears to be an empty niche.  As I learn more about the university and about the issues facing it, I fully expect that my opinions and attitudes  will change over time.   At least, I hope that this will be the case.

DISCLAIMER:  The views, opinions, ideas,  beliefs, judgments, attitudes, etc. expressed in this blog are my own and not those of the faculty senate of which I am president.   In fact,  my positions on a number of issues are at variance with those of the senate.   In particular, my opinions about our current budget crisis and what should be done to cope with it are strictly my own and do not reflect the official position of the senate.

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